Dražen Hanžić

Dražen Hanžić

Excel and Power BI consultant, trainer and Excel business application and Power BI developer graduated from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb and finished postgraduate Diploma Study in Management (DSM) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

His business experience was gained in telecommunications area (SAP specialist), FMCG (controlling and logistics), as an independent consultant while developing business applications and Banking (business development manager).

During his business career he delivered a significant number of advanced Excel courses and workshops and developed many applications that are used in business environment.

He has been working with Excel for more than 15 years and nowadays he develops Excel business applications for the clients all over the world and delivers advanced Excel training.

For the above mentioned experience, during his Excel training he is able to consult and deliver tailor-made Excel courses.

He actively monitors development in spreadsheet area while continuously being educated. He also participates Excel conferences abroad.