Excel change case and trim

Excel change case and trim


This Add-In acts like a Change case functionality in Word, however this one changes case of text in Excel cells and trims them also if you want to. It works on constants (text), It ignores formulas, so no need to worry about your formulas, but it has no UnDo functionality implemented, so be careful!

Of course, it can be done by using UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions in Excel, but it’s just easier by using “Excel text change case and trim” Add-In if you want to change case of text or trim text directly in cells, with no helper cells.

Please install Add-In and show user form by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T (or Alt+Ctrl+Shift+T).

You can select range to process before you show user form or after by using mouse in range selection field above OK button (by holding Ctrl key and dragging your mouse, you can select few non contiguous ranges to process)

DownloadExcel_text_change_case_and_trim – Labo.xla