Excel services

Excel application development

We offer MS Excel based services combined with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). According to business requests we also use other MS Office products like MS Word, MS Access, MS Outlook as well as databases like SQL Server and Oracle.

Since almost every business problem could be solved with above mentioned tools, they are ideal for rapid application development. If it’s not the case at least they can be used while making a prototype for the solution.

Because of its wide use, excellent analytical and presentational features MS Excel have become a de facto standard among office applications. Also it is present at almost every office desk which makes it even more attractive for application development because usually there is no need for some additional software installation. With its familiar interface, even the training needed to use MS Excel based solutions is minimized thus cutting the overall costs down.

We are ready to cooperate with companies or individuals from any business area.

If you need quality solutions to your business demands, we are here to make it happen!

In order to get an insight of the possible solutions made with MS Excel here are some examples:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Creation of automated reports, charts, Pivot tables…
  • Modelling (controlling, finance…)
  • Dashboards (key data visualisation)
  • Custom functions development
  • Data manipulation on external data (obtained from SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access…)
  • MS Outlook (or Lotus Notes) in interaction with MS Excel – a tool for sending
    personalized e-mails with specific attachments to receivers (every receiver
    gets its own attachment), manipulation and collection of attachments from Inbox
    according to criteria
  • Project management – templates and tools for tracking project completion
  • Making quotations
  • Variety of solutions (for collecting data from different locations, spreadsheet for
    calculating daily alowances…)
  • Creation of complex formulas
  • Add-Ins – (e.g. for data collection from distributed spreadsheets that are filled with
    needed data and have to be merged, change case tool, clearing and converting
  • Text files manipulation and data conversion

Training & Consulting

According to our experience, many companies spend significant budgets on employee training but they usually don’t get what they need. Sometimes it’s just a formal course with certificates delivered at the end but with a lack of real world business cases. Either the level of course is wrong or the subjects are not appropriate.

Every single company has its specific way of using MS Excel and its specific
requests. Therefore, beside standard courses, we offer tailor made courses
according to employee’s working position and requests.

We believe that bespoke Excel courses allow your staff:

  • to focus on their own problem areas
  • to better understand the range of solutions Excel offers
  • to apply what they are learning to real business cases by working on their own data and spreadsheets
  • to become more efficient and productive
  • to gain real and quantifiable value

Course timings

Suggested timing for the course is from 09:00 to 16:30 with small breaks after every 2 hours and one lunch break.

Of course, timings are flexible and we will comply to your business needs as long as your course takes at least 4 hours.

Courses could be held for individuals or groups.
Usual group courses consists of 8 to 12 students and last for 2 to 3 days
depending on your needs (basic, advanced, tailor made, demo for the management, for those who want to work with Macros, VBA programming…).

We prefer courses on site at your premises or rented rooms.

Business areas we have experience with

  • Online marketing
  • Banking
  • Pharmacy business
  • Pharmacies
  • FMCG
  • Publishing
  • Cement and concrete
  • Telecom

How to make business with us & charges

To make it happen feel free to send us request with detailed description. Upon
analysis you will get an estimated cost of your project (usually no more than 3

After you get quotation, when possible we can arrange a meeting to discuss details (your employee’s roles, project milestones, testing, documentation, training…)

If we agree upon, to start development we ask for 30% advance payment while the rest is paid during the project and finally after delivery.

If it’s about course or consulting, payment should be done before the service is delivered.

Cost is arranged per project or per course (depends on kind of course) and payment should be done on transaction account no.

We prefer to develop non trivial solutions, but in case you need some less
demanding solution we will also be happy to serve you. In that case, solution
is charged per hour, based on minimum of 2 working hours.

We are obliged to comply with agreed terms and conditions.

The way of making a business in few steps:

  1. We get a request from you
  2. We send a proposal to you with estimated cost of solution
  3. Meeting at you if possible and if needed
  4. Signing a contract
  5. Advance payment of 30% of total estimated cost
  6. Starting development (by milestones with simultaneous testing)
  7. Delivery of solution
  8. Payment of the rest of total cost