Excel VBA programming course


3 days


Dražen Hanžić

Excel VBA programming course


Get insight into new dimension of using Excel in a simple and entertaining way and to understand the possibilities that Visual Basic for Application offers by working through examples. By programming Excel using VBA, participants will be able to automate time consuming tasks that were previously done manually.


The course is intended for participants who have never programmed in Excel using VBA.


Prerequisite for attending the course is completed Excel – Advanced course.


  • Demo of some Excel VBA applications to get insight of Excel VBA possibilities
  • What is VBA? Why it gives a whole new perspective of working with Excel? When should you use it?
  • Introduction to programming environment – VBE (Editor) and the possibilities of using third party tools while programming
  • What is Excel’s object model? Introduction to main objects, properties and methods by working through examples
  • What are procedures and functions?
  • What are variables and constants?
  • Code branching and types of loops
  • Events and types ov enents
  • Working with ranges, worksheets and workbooks
  • Filter, Advanced Filter and Pivot Tables – powerful tools to automate your reports
  • Writing a self explainable and optimized code (tips and tricks)
  • Creation of Forms for interaction with the user of application
  • Automation of other Office applications (e.g. Word)
  • Prediction of errors in code, their detection and correction

Creation of Excel Add-In and application

How it is done

Introduction to basic principles of programming and an introduction to Excel object model by working through examples