One on one Excel training

We offer Excel live online training!

Whom is it intended for and benefits of one on one Excel training?

It’s intended for individuals who want complete tailor-made training at pace they want and with schedule they feel most comfortable with.

One on one Excel training is the best service someone can afford to herself or himself. It’s specific in a way the subjects are trained, meaning participant is encouraged to ask questions and give her or his own tasks we can focus on during the training. It can be completely customized to suit your needs – it’s personalized Excel training.

For example it can consists of Excel advanced subjects with workshop way of training in total duration of 12-16 hours (1 hour equals 45 minutes).

Of course, any other Excel course can be arranged on one on one basis (e.g. Excel VBA training and solving specific tasks participant faces in daily work).

It can be especially interesting for Managers and different kind of specialists who want to gain specific Excel skills or get insights in Excel features in shortest time possible. We can train you in your premises or we can arrange training in our room.


Dražen Hanžić